Dr. Zeel Gandhi


Panchkarma therapies
Dr. D.Y.Patil College of Ayurveda and Research Centre, Navi Mumbai
7 years

Dr. Zeel Gandhi is an Ayurvedic doctor with 7 years of experience and an expert at providing holistic solutions for health problems encompassing Internal medicine, Panchakarma, Yoga, Ayurvedic Nutrition, and formulations. She graduated as a top ranker from Dr. D.Y.Patil College of Ayurveda and Research Centre , Navi Mumbai, and is a specialist in Panchakarma therapies. She believes that Ayurveda consciousness is an excellent way to maintain good health and cure and prevent diseases.Dr. Gandhi also writes extensively on Panchakarma, Ayurveda herbs, nutrition, and simple adjustments in daily life that attune you to the natural circadian rhythm and Ashtanga Yoga. She is a strong proponent of holistic medicine and treating diseases from the root. She believes that everyone should experience the enriching feel of Ayurveda and savor the natural balance of their body, mind, and soul.

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