Bridal Hairstyles

Bridal Hairstyles

Bridal hair brilliance that will make you shine on your special day.

Your bridal hairstyle contributes majorly to the memories you make on your wedding day. Explore styling tips, ideas, and tutorials to shine the brightest on your big day.

Selecting the perfect bridal hairstyle that is not just unique but also reflects your personality can be daunting. You also need to consider the fact that you will be taking pictures that you will look back on for the rest of your life. Fortunately, our vast collection of bridal hair ideas, tips, tricks, and tutorials can make your wedding prep journey easier.

The most popular bridal hairstyles usually feature demure-looking brides with long, flowing hair or elegantly wrapped buns. While these styles look gorgeous, they may not suit you if you do not have the hair length, texture, or face shape to pull them off. In such a case, we recommend checking out short-hair wedding updos that use side twists, puffs, or flattering layers. If you would like a hairdo that makes your face appear slimmer, you can experiment with our bridal hairstyle tutorials for round faces. Or if you would like a style that is fit for royalty at your big fat desi wedding, you will love our selection of Indian bridal hairstyles.

Not only have we scoured the internet to put these wedding hairstyles together, but we have also consulted with experienced professional stylists to bring you priceless advice and suggestions for flawless bridal hair. Take a look around this section for styling, hair care, and maintenance advice to put together a bridal look that will take everyone’s breath away.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you do your bridal hairstyle or makeup first?

    It is ideal to get your makeup done first with your hair tied away from your face. This way, loose hair layers or the accessories used in your hairstyle will not interfere with your makeup. However, if your hairstyle is simple and does not fall on your face, you can start with the hair.

  • How do I choose the right bridal hairstyle for my wedding day?

    Consider the following before finalizing your bridal hairstyle:

    • Does your hairstyle suit your face?
    • Does it feel comfortable to wear?
    • Will the style withstand the long hours of customs and celebrations?
    • Does it go well with your wedding outfit?
    • Does it accommodate your veil, tiara, or any other hair accessories you wish to use?
  • What are some popular bridal hairstyles for different hair lengths?

    Some popular hairstyles for short hair are vintage glam curls and open hair parted on one side. For medium-length hair, many brides prefer a neat chignon, waterfall braids, a braided bun, or a side braid. Long-haired brides find a loose side braid, a side-swept updo, and a crown braid especially appealing.

  • How can I add volume and texture to my bridal hairstyle?

    You can use good-quality volumizing and texturizing sprays to achieve that sculpted look on your hairstyle. With a bit of teasing and using a large-barreled curling iron, you can create the illusion of voluminous hair. You may also use extensions to add length and thickness, but they may get itchy and feel uncomfortable after prolonged wear.

  • Should I consider a hair trial before the wedding day to try out different bridal hairstyles?

    Absolutely! A trial hairstyle session not only lets you settle on a suitable hairstyle but also helps you notice imperfections and allows you to make changes according to your preference. It also ensures you and your hairstylist are on the same page about the kind of look you envision for your wedding day.