Adorn your doorstep with a gorgeous rangoli pattern to welcome your loved ones.

A mesmerizing art piece at the entrance of your home will lift your spirit. Take inspiration from our catalog of unique and creative rangoli designs.

The scope of home decor has certainly evolved in modern times, but there is nothing like a traditional artistic masterpiece to brighten up your space. Imagine your guests walking up to your door and being greeted by a skillfully created rangoli design that instantly charms them off their feet with its vibrant colors and intricate details! Not just that, it will also add a festive vibe to your home.

Rangoli designs play a huge role in several ceremonial practices across cultures in India. While they are made purely for ornamental purposes in some cultures, they are revered as sacred elements to appease divinity in others. You will find historical evidence of people adorning the walls and floors of their homes with patterns inspired by nature and social activities. You can come up with your own simple rangoli design in a similar fashion. However, if you are looking for inspiration, we have a good selection of unique rangoli designs that you can play around with.

Our list includes a wide variety, from dot rangoli designs to corner rangoli designs that can be done using colorful rangoli powders. You can also try gorgeous arrangements using flower petals, buds, and leaves, like the Pookalam designs that are specially done for Onam. Use your imagination to further upgrade your patterns by using earthen diyas, tealight candles, or glitter powder. For more innovative tips and photo references, look through this section and take your pick.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the interesting facts about rangoli?

    Rangoli art has its roots in ancient cultures, with mentions in Indian texts and scriptures. It is called different names across different regions in India, like ‘osa’ in Orissa, ‘muggu’ in Telangana, and ‘alpana’ in Bengal. Despite its deeply Indian connection, this art form has managed to gain global recognition for its uniquely festive appeal. The Guinness World Records organization has also recognized the biggest and most intricate rangoli designs created worldwide.

  • What is the main purpose of rangoli?

    Rangoli has deep cultural and spiritual significance. It is believed to bring happiness and positivity into your household and welcome Goddess Lakshmi (the Hindu goddess of wealth) into your home. Therefore, it is majorly done during religious and cultural festivals. However, many households adorn the entrances of their homes with a basic white rangoli every day for ornamental purposes.

  • Can rangoli be made on any surface?

    Yes. There are no strict rules regarding the type of surface for a rangoli design. You may paint one on a wall or draw it on the floor, table, or countertop. You can also make it on paper and display it. Of course, you would require an even surface for a clean-looking design.

  • How long does a rangoli design last?

    Rangolis are generally temporary pieces, and people prefer creating a new design every day. However, those who would like their designs to last a bit longer use paints or spray hairspray over the design or dampen the earth before starting the design to make it last longer. This may allow dry rangolis to last a day or two and painted ones to last a couple more days.

  • When is rangoli made and for which occasions?

    Rangolis can be made every day as part of one’s home decoration. However, the special ones are reserved for weddings, engagements, and festivals such as Diwali, Onam, Sankranthi, Pongal, Navratri, and so on.