50 Beautiful Rose Tattoos With Names For A Unique Identity

Exciting and creative body art design ideas to honor and celebrate your loved ones.

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Dedicating a rose tattoo with the name of your loved one is a heart-touching way to declare your admiration for them. Roses have been the ultimate symbol of love and all-consuming passion since time immemorial. They are gorgeous flowers with their unique curls and petals, available in a wide range of colors, each with its own symbolic value. You can add a name to your rose tattoo using creative and attention-grabbing fonts and styles to make it even more attractive. So, if you are looking for some inspiration for rose tattoos with names, then look no further. We have compiled a unique list in this article. Continue down this article for some breathtaking designs that will have your creative juices flowing and inspire you to get inked right away!

Symbolism Of Rose Tattoos With Names

A rose tattoo with a name can hold highly personal symbolic value for the wearer. An individual typically dedicates a rose name tattoo to a person whom they love, respect, or admire. Its general symbolism stems from the powerful sentiments associated with roses and names as individual elements. Roses have signified true love, passion, beauty, resilience, and transformation since time immemorial. Names, on the other hand, are the most basic and important markers of the identity of an individual. Names are powerful symbols that condense the entire essence of a person without reducing their worth. When a wearer gets a tattoo that combines roses with the name of the person, it is an unapologetic and open declaration that the name holds a deep and heartfelt value for them.

With that said, scroll down to the next section to find out why you should get a rose tattoo with a name.

Why Choose A Rose Tattoo With A Name?

To begin with, a rose tattoo with a name can be considered one of the most genuine or high forms of personal expression, displaying one’s true feelings for the bearer of the name. Adding to that, a wearer may choose a rose name tattoo for the following reasons:

  • To pay tribute to someone they have strong and pure emotions for
  • As a memorial piece for a loved one
  • As a mark of respect, gratitude, or attachment to one’s idols
  • To mark as a milestone or serve as a reminder of one’s personal growth
  • For the appreciation of a literary or cultural symbolism related to the name
  • For the esthetic appeal

There may be any reason an individual would want to get a special rose tattoo with a name, and it completely depends on their perspective. Let us now dive into this master list of 50 awe-inspiring rose tattoos with names. Keep scrolling!

50 Ideas For Stunning Rose Tattoos With Names

It might take a few trials and errors to find rose patterns and name fonts that fit right together. But usually, some contrasting combinations can have an intriguing effect. Check out our expansive catalog of some creative and striking rose name tattoos to get an idea for your rose name tattoo.

1. Small Rose Tattoo With Name Stem

One of the most common rose name tattoo designs is the one where the stem is stylized to include a name in attractive fonts. This is a small and simple example where the name starts as usual in cursive font but ends in a beautiful rose shape. The cute size makes it ideal for appealing placement on the wrist, collarbone, and neck, where it can grace limited skin space.

2. Rose Tattoo With The Name Inside


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The outline of each alphabet of the name is etched within a bunch of realistic roses. The solid lines against the stippling shading of the rose petals create a beautiful contrast. Such a style is easier to implement for bigger-size tattoos and would make a thoroughly enthralling contribution to a sleeve tattoo.

3. Black Rose Tattoo With Name

Black roses may have some negative connotations but they also signify supernatural power, strength, and change. They also look arrestingly splendid. Pick black for your rose name tattoo and get highlight shading done with white to give the flower a velvety sheen.

4. Blue Rose Tattoo With Name

A tattoo of a bright blue rose has an intriguing pull for the rare color and the contrast it creates on the skin. The color itself is a symbol of curiosity, calmness, and aspirations. It can enhance the appeal of a rose name tattoo tenfold and ensure that people give the story behind it the attention it deserves.

5. Deep Red Rose Tattoo With Name


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This deep red-maroon-colored rose has a classic appeal, instantly evoking a sense of nostalgia. It is a safe color option that is flexible with its suitability for most intentions behind name tattoos such as friendship, love, passion, growth, and so on. It conveys deep-set feelings efficiently and also looks sophisticated. 

6. Purple Rose Tattoo With Name

Purple is another color symbolizing supernatural power and also royalty. Pairing it with a name tattoo shows how highly the wearer regards the person whose name they got inked with the flower. One can tattoo their name too as it would demonstrate the sense of self-respect they possess.

7. Pink Rose Tattoo With Name

Pink rose name tattoos are great for getting name tattoos of friends or family members as roses in this color signify tender love and affection, admiration, and gratitude. This tattoo with its distinctive shading, fine outlines, and unique stylization of the name is sure to earn a fanbase of its own.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Consider the color of the rose carefully as its symbolism can help stylize your tattoo as well as add more meaning to it.

8. Rose Tattoo On The Shoulder With Name

The shoulder placement allows the wearer the option to display and conceal their tattoo at will, while also ensuring there is ample space to fit in all the details they desire in their tattoo. The realistic rose here is in a lovely blooming stage and the name has been illustrated across the stem in a calligraphic font. The tattoo looks well-rounded and decorates the shoulder area beautifully.

9. Rose Hand Tattoo With Name

This bold outline rose name tattoo on the back of the hand expresses loud and clear that the person whose name you chose to tattoo is special to you. The hand placement lets you convey that you are unapologetic about letting the world know about your love for and attachment to someone.

10. Name With Rose Tattoo On The Forearm

This forearm rose name tattoo screams elegant with its pretty slanted font and bluish-green rose that seems to be sprouting out of the name. The neat shape that shifts between thick and fine lines and the almost unnoticed green dots here and there give it a unique character.

11. Rose And Name Tattoo On The Upper Arm

Graphic illustrations for upper arm tattoos have an extremely magnetic quality which is evident in this rose and name tattoo. It uses a reddish-pink pastel-style rose and a shading-heavy font that is done by an exceptionally skilled artist as can be gauged from the uniformity of the fonts.

12. Rose Neck Tattoo With Name

This neck tattoo features a quintessential minimal design. The tiny rose is done in fine lines with solid colors filled in and the font is clear and attractive. The neck is one of the painful parts of the body to get a tattoo on, so this tattoo can speak of the wearer’s courage and determination besides their connection to the person whose name they got a tattoo of.

13. Rose Name Tattoo On The Collarbone

The collarbones are another sensitive area for tattoos but they are also highly visible. It is only ideal to be very mindful of the style, design, colors, and font choice for a rose name tattoo on this spot. The gentle shading and clear-reading font in the image above makes an excellent choice for an attention-grabbing piece. 

14. Rose And Name Tattoo On The Shoulder Blade

Big and bold designs are brilliant for shoulder blade tattoos for they can cover a wide area. The name tattoo here is like a label that begins at the edges of the rose and extends outwards. The fine line of the rose and the thickness of the font look great together. Experimenting with various colors can enhance the attractiveness of this design.

15. Rose Name Tattoo On The Outer Arm


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This delicate-looking tattoo placed on the outer arm ensures that you can flaunt your tattoo with each movement of your forearm. It shall be visible in the front when you raise your arm, and visible from the back when you let your arm drop. Whether you choose black and white ink or a vibrant ink color for this tattoo, it is sure to leave a lasting impression.

16. Name Rose Tattoo On The Ribs

Since rib tattoos are low on visibility, the wearer can choose any number of personal touches to add to their body art. This tattoo, for instance, has a font that looks handwritten. For creative uniqueness, one may choose any color for the rose if it means something to them, or draw it themself as well.

17. Name Rose Tattoo On The Spine

Spine tattoos highlight the gorgeous spine line, adding a seductive draw to it. This rose name tattoo is perfectly aligned down the spine and its illustration uses a delightful pencil-style shading, increasing its appeal. One can wear clothing with creative necklines to partially conceal the tattoo and stir the imaginations of onlookers.

18. Rose And Name Tattoo On The Waist

A rose and name tattoo on the waistline can express extremely personal ideologies of the wearer. It is in a rather private placement and the wearer would reveal it only on certain occasions or to certain people. Despite the privacy, the choice of an elegant, small-size tattoo may be a reflection of the individual’s careful consideration of the name.

19. Rose And Name Tattoo On The Finger


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A tiny rose name tattoo on a finger can symbolize different things based on which finger it is done on. For instance, the thumb signifies success, the index shows direction, or ring finger symbolizes commitment, and so on. A simplistic outline tattoo as shown in the image above may be ideal as more details could be painful on the sensitive finger area.

20. Name And Rose Tattoo Behind The Ear

Choosing to place your tattoo behind the ear signifies whispered secrets or closely guarded pride. This placement gives you the option to display or conceal your tattoo so you may choose from a wide range of designs. However, this tattoo of a realistic rose tattoo name on the stem looks sweet and agreeable.

21. Name And Rose Tattoo On The Wrist

A name and rose tattoo on the wrist can demonstrate how special someone is to the wearer as the wrist is one of the easily accessible spots to detect one’s pulse rate. This placement can be directly linked to one’s lifeline. Hence, a rose name tattoo can be interpreted to signify something as equally important.

22. Name And Basic Rose Outline Tattoo

Granted, an individual may choose to get someone’s name tattooed along with a beautiful rose flower because the other person is making a huge part of their life and they would like to express that. But to do so, one need not always get chunky, colorful designs. A simple outline tattoo can do a glorious job as you can see in the image above.

23. Fine Line Rose Name Tattoo

Here is another example to show that simple can be the best at times. This fine-line tattoo features a delicate outline of a rose, its foliage, and a font with uniform line thickness. It has a gracious and polished finish that only extremely talented tattoo artists can pull off. Despite its fine lines, this tattoo packs a punch and does all the talking for you.

24. Name And Rose Plant Tattoo

Contrary to the belief that roses are the best part of the wildly flowering plant, this tattoo demonstrates how the entire plant can be made to look astonishing in a tattoo. The names are drawn as usual while the plant is worked around it, much like how the rose plant grows in the wild around other things. It is a realistic and creative rendition at the same time.

25. Name On Rose And Butterfly Tattoo


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Pair your name rose tattoos with other elements to elevate the symbolic value of your body art. The butterfly symbolizes transformation, struggle, resilience, patience, and in some cultures, guardian spirits or departed souls. Adding it to your tattoo can help you express yourself while also making you look cool.

26. Name Between Rose And Heartbeat Wave

This stylish rose name tattoo has the name very carefully placed between a rose and a heartbeat wave line. This wave graphically represents the lifeline so the relevance of the name is obvious. The little artistic details like the leaves coming out of certain alphabets or the shading of the rose petals, add a crafty touch.

27. Crown And Rose Name Tattoo


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The crown represents royalty. This tattoo with the crown at the top, a rose at the bottom, and a banner wrapping around the middle of these two, appears to be an emblem of the house of a queen who has a fondness for roses. This is the perfect tattoo to dedicate to someone who might be nothing less than royalty to the wearer.

28. Moon And Rose Name Tattoo

The crescent moon is one of the phases of the moon, which signifies transformation, the hope for brighter days to come, and consistency over time. Pairing such a meaningful symbol with a rose and a name hints at the wearer’s emotions and beliefs regarding it.

29. Traditional American Rose And Name Tattoo

If you have too many arts to choose from or simply do not know what looks good, go for a traditional American tattoo that can never go wrong. It is a classic style that is popular and hence safe in the case of confusion. It uses bright colors and bold black outlines that ensure your tattoo stands out and receives countless compliments.

30. Washed Out Name On Roses


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This is a subtle name tattoo where the name may not even be visible until one looks closely. The design features a banner of pastel shade roses with the name carved out of it. Since the colors of the flowers and the skin are close in saturation tones, the name camouflages within it. This is perfect for those looking for a design that gently flaunts their tattoo.

31. Gothic Rose And Name

A dark and imposing rose name tattoo design for those into gothic art, dark academia, or similar esthetics. The design has used impressive blackwork to execute lines that resemble a thick sketch or marker pen. Then there are the gray highlights with single white lines to show multi-layered highlights at the edges of the petals. The magnetism of this style ensures the tattooed name gets the attention it deserves.

32. Rose And Name Lettering

Lettering is currently a trending art form where artists write letters in unique and artistic ways. Customize your rose and name tattoo with a truly personal take of the letters such as shown in this image where the letters are styled to curve and twine all over the design, becoming one with the pattern. Such tattoos can cover vast spaces and can be used for sleeve tattoos.

33. Rose And Name Banner


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Here is a simple and fantastical design for those who are attached to the fairy tales they grew up reading. The rose is illustrated to have a glistening sheen with sharp contours. A floating banner with the name tattooed within it, wraps around its stem, giving it a magical quality.

Writer and editor, Cory Stumpf, writes in one of his blog posts about his journey with his wife and the rose name tattoos they got dedicated to each other. “Now here we are today, both branded with designs in honor of each other and half a lifetime of memories together. Hers, a modern purple rose design with my initials carved into the stem. Mine, a classic style akin to the cover of the album that contains the tune that was its inspiration, with “BRITTANY” emblazoned across it in a banner (i),” he elaborates on the design. He further adds, “A bold choice, perhaps, in a world of such impermanence in general, including as regards relationships. And perhaps it’s naïve of me to think so, but I can’t imagine ours ever coming to an end. Even if that were to happen, we have held such significance in one another’s lives for long enough for our bond to be worthy of a lasting commemoration, whatever path our lives might follow in the future.”

34. Rose And Couple Names

This is another example of a name rose tattoo where the names are on a banner, however, it has two layers and features two names. One may dedicate this type of tattoo to their romantic partners, parents, friends, or anyone depending on the color of the rose they use and what it signifies.

35. Twin Rose And Name Tattoos


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Instead of double-layered banners, one may also go for twin roses; one on each hand, each featuring one name. This could also be used as a couple’s tattoo or may be dedicated to one’s parents, children, or even pets. One may even choose to add unique details to the flowers to add a distinctive element that represents the persons or pets whose names are tattooed.

36. Dotwork Rose And Name Tattoo


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Dotwork, also known as stippling art, is used abundantly in this tattoo to shade the rose and leaves. Because it stands out from regular shading in appearance and execution, it has the reputation of being unique, thus attracting many takers. With this style, getting a rose name tattoo can help you achieve a personal design that you can boast of.

37. Fine Line Name And Pastel Rose Tattoo


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This exquisite tattoo gracefully adorning the forearm uses soft elements that can evoke wholesome emotions. The gentle colors of the pastel-style rose, the gentle white dots for highlights, and the delicate fine line letters for the name create a truly bewitching picture. This conveys that the person associated with the name is super special to the wearer and they have taken great care in putting together each detail of the artwork.

38. Korean Style Rose And Name Tattoo


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Korean-style tattoos are all the rage in the tattoo industry currently. It is the combination of extremely thin lines, minimalist designs, and intricate details that imbibe a simple rose shape with countless personal symbolisms. The name in the image above has a carefully stylized name that blends in with the shape, highlighting the essence of these tattoos that are unassuming but elegant at the same time.

39. Friendship Rose Name Tattoos

Friendship tattoos are such a heartwarming gesture that makes a loud and clear declaration of two people’s unshakeable bond, especially when it is done on a highly visible part of the body, such as the forearm. The design is fairly simple, allowing a mutually agreeable tattoo with each other’s names on it.

40. Soft Watercolor Rose And Name Tattoo


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Another trending tattoo style is giving it a watercolor painting effect. This tattoo uses the effect brilliantly, creating a cheerful character of the rose. The shading is a bit sharp for a watercolor tattoo but it works well to make the rose motif stand out. The name is done in a fountain pen-style font which goes well with the overall tattoo art.

41. Color Splash Rose And Name Tattoo

Using a more raw form of the watercolor effect, this tattoo features color splashes instead of clean outlines, in the pursuit of making art appear like art. The tattoo artist has done a highly competent job making it look like a real splattered paint. On the other hand, the font is strictly a neat classic, creating a sharp but comely contrast.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Sketch or download a design draft so you have an exact blueprint of the tattoo you want. Discuss any modification ideas with your tattoo artist and ensure the final design is sketched as well so that you are completely satisfied with your tattoo.

42. Brush Pen-Style Name And Rose Tattoo

Brush pen-style outlines are quite common in traditional tattoos from Eastern cultures, mimicking the brush strokes used in historical scripts from countries like Japan and Korea. The lines as well as the shading have a rough quality and the wearer has chosen additional symbols like the heartbeat wave and a heart between a retro font for names. This is a good example of how one can customize their tattoos to mean something to them.

43. Miniature Elegant Rose And Name Tattoo


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This miniature tattoo uses the popular rose name tattoo idea of stylizing the name as the stem of the flower, except it is an extension of the stem here. The shape of the bloom has many swirly and intricate details possibly inspired by regency-era art and painting work. The shading is in solid black while the font chosen is delicate enough that it almost fades in some places. Overall, an eye-catching composition.

44. Blackwork Rose And Name Tattoo

An abundance of blackwork in this tattoo, with solid color-fill for the leaves, black and gray shading for the blooms, and a calligraphic font is a recipe for enthralling body art! It embodies such effortless sophistication, and intrigue that makes the observer curious and restless to know the story behind the tattoo.

45. Name Engraved On Rose


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This rose name tattoo is designed for those with more extravagant tastes. The rose illustration is a mural-style background onto which the name is carved. Apart from the lines of the actual name, there is an added outline that makes it appear like an engraved shape meant to hold the font within and make it the focal point of the body art.

46. Tiny Script Name And Solid Rose


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The combination of a medium-sized rose motif with a richly pigmented body and a tiny-size font will definitely catch a person’s attention. The small font appears like a trinket hanging at the end of the stem at first glance until a viewer looks closer to see the clever choice of the font and the precision with which it is tattooed. It looks sharp and fetching, and will surely add an edge to the wearer’s personality. 

47. Rose And Name Memorial Tattoo

This rose and name tattoo is a touching memorial piece dedicated to a loved one. The styling is a work of genius on the part of the artist. The bottom of the rose stem is pointed from which the name begins. It almost looks as if the stem’s bottom tip was dipped in ink to write the name. Below it is the date tattooed in Roman numerals that adds a tasteful touch. 

48. Rose Bouquet With Name Initials


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The name on your rose name tattoo need not spell out the entire name. This memorial rose name tattoo shows that just the initials paired with skillfully tattooed roses can look just as dignified. It is a simple tattoo with all the details inked straightforwardly, magnifying its charm tenfold.

49. Name And Rose Sequence Tattoo

This tattoo shows the rose in its progression from a little bud to a fully bloomed flower with a stem that carries the name. The unique presentation of these two elements is quite refreshing and neat and may hold appeal for those with a preference for minimal esthetics.

50. White Line Art Rose And Name Tattoo


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The final tattoo in our list is an inconspicuous but esthetic masterpiece. The design is done in the line art, making it appear like the entire tattoo was made by cleverly tangling just one line to achieve the rose and name tattoo shape. The white ink makes it melt into the skin for a subtle and minimalistic, yet stunning work of art.

There are many ways you can bring a rose and a name together to create an enthralling tattoo design. You may go for dotwork, blackwork, watercolor, or traditional illustration styles. You also can choose from a range of fine or bold fonts to define the concept and vibe of your tattoo. Since each of these styles has its character, the creative scope for this combination is vast and exciting. However, at the end of the day, it is important to consider the aesthetics as you are going to get a permanent body art that you have to live with. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I choose the right size for the tattoo?

The idea of the right size is objective. However, you may consider the placement of the tattoo. For instance, if you want something for your hand, you may choose the size based on what fits on your wrist, or the back of your hand. But if you want something for your upper arm, you have more options from a simple two-inch design to a full sleeve.

What if I change my mind about the name in the future?

If you find yourself unhappy with a tattoo, you can always get a laser removal done. For a budget-friendly alternative, you can opt for cover-up tattoos where the artist draws another tattoo over the previous one to conceal it. Discuss the possibilities with your tattoo artist for a clean job that results in a new tattoo altogether.

Key Takeaways

  • Rose tattoos with names are a bold and unapologetic artistic declaration of the wearer’s heartfelt feelings for the name tattooed.
  • Both roses and names are attached to powerful symbolism. Roses stand for love, passion, beauty, strength, resilience, and transformation, while names are the first identity markers of an individual.
  • There can be countless creative ways to compose a rose name tattoo illustration. The best way is to experiment with various styles in rough sketches for the possibility of discovering an unexpectedly pleasing design.

A rose tattoo with a name expresses your love and loyalty towards a special someone and looks great as body art. Watch the timelapse video below of an artist tattooing a rose name tattoo for their client and be inspired.

Personal Experience: Source

(i). I’ve Got Her Name Written Here in a Rose Tattoo

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