40+ Amazing Passion Twist Hairstyles To Style In 2024

Super cool and edgy twists that will surely leave an impression wherever you go.

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Passion twist hairstyles are high in fashion and low in maintenance! They can be tucked away cleverly with natural hair to give them the much-needed oomph! Plus, this hairstyle helps prevent potential hair damage by reducing the tension and strain put on the scalp. They are installed with minimal pulling, help retain your hair length, and keep the moisture locked in the tresses.

These passion twists are super-versatile as they can be left loose to make undone curls or be transformed into braids. They are also very lightweight and give a healthier appearance to protective hairstyles. So, if you are looking to switch up your hairstyle in a major way, then take a look at these cool passion twists hairstyles given below. Read on!

What Are Passion Twists?

Passion twists are pre-twisted extensions that can be clipped to your natural hair to add fullness and volume. Their texture mimics the natural texture of curly hair, making it easy to incorporate them into one’s hair. They are available in varied styles, textures, lengths, and colors. Sometimes, they come with additional accessories like beads, rings, feathers, and other embellishments.

Now that you know what passion twists are, here is how you can style them:

  • Prep Your Hair

Begin by detangling your hair with a wide-tooth comb and dividing it into small sections. Secure them with the help of clips or rubber bands.

  • Add Extensions

Put one section of your natural hair in the pre-looped end of the passion twist extension and secure it well. Repeat this step for the remaining sections of your hair.

  • Twisting

Now take each section of your natural hair and begin twisting it with the extensions. Make sure the twists look even in size and tightness.

  • Ends

Once you reach the ends of the hair, secure them with hair ties. You can also dip the edges in hot water to seal them and prevent them from unraveling.

  • Set It

Finish off with a gel or a leave-in conditioner for a glossy and polished look.

Passion twists are versatile and can be styled in various ways. Find out what they are in the next section.

40 Passion Twists Hairstyles

Passion twists are without a doubt uber-stylish. So, if you are finally ready to experiment with new hairstyles, here are some of the hottest passion twists hairstyles given below.

1. Ginger Passion Twists

Ginger passion twists are a cool and fashionable way to show off your protective hairdo! This ginger color tone with a hint of red beautifully complements warm skin tones.

Also, those dramatic swoops of baby hair add to your uber style quotient.

2. Criss-Cross Passion Twists


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If you are looking for a casual on-the-go hairstyle, look no further. The crisscross pattern adds an edge to the twists. To make this hairstyle, apply some hair gel to the tresses, use the traditional two-strand technique, and twirl and stretch the hair gently to get that tightly coiled hair.

protip_icon Pro Tip
If you are doing passion twists in a criss-cross pattern, dab some oil on a cotton pad and gently press it on the scalp for a hydrated look.

3. Passion Twist Bob


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A post shared by ADANNA (@adannamadueke)

Bobs can never really go out of style! When combined with passion twists, it gives an elegant and put-together look. However, if you are looking for a day-to-night transition, jazz up the look by adding golden beads. This fail-safe hairstyle is bound to grab eyeballs wherever you go!

4. Knotless Passion Twists

The messy, soft, and swirling passion twists exude a carefree vibe! Perfect for those who are looking for ways to embrace their greasy unwashed hair and turn it into a stunning look with minimal effort. Tease the hair a bit for that just-woke-up look.

5. Shoulder-Length Passion Twists


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The shoulder-length passion twist is a versatile hairstyle perfect for both formal and casual occasions. For a neat look, divide your hair into sections, secure them with rubber bands, and start braiding them. Make sure to leave the edges. Once you are done, use the tip of the scissors to cut the bands. Finish off by applying a spray-on oil for shine.

6. Burgundy Passion Twists


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The rich burgundy hue and the arch-shaped baby hair make the hairstyle look super-chic. Moreover, the beautiful color will help brighten your look even in the dreariest winter months. While branding your mane, make sure you part the hair in large sections to shorten the styling time.

7. Crochet Passion Twists


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This insanely cool hairstyle involves adding hair extensions to the natural hair using a crochet needle. This helps create individually twisted strands and lends a textured feel to the look. Make sure your baby hair flows right into the hairstyle to get a clean look.

8. Passion Twists With Beads

These lustrous brown passion twists embellished with chunky gold beads can seriously level up your hair game. The accessories add a sense of playfulness to the hairstyle. Use a leave-in conditioner before you start twisting your hair. This will make it easier to work with your hair length and give them a healthier appearance.

9. Brown Passion Twists

These brown passion twists are the ultimate cool girl update you need! This center-parted hairstyle adorned with beads and rings looks badass and edgy. The warm, tawny tresses will complement individuals with warm skin tones and brown eyes. You can give this hairstyle a bohemian spin by throwing in a floppy hat.

10. Ombre Passion Twists

The rich black tones fade into delicate, sunny caramel twists, making this a perfect look for those who do not want a drastic change. Well, to put it out plainly, this hairdo is just a subtle way of having fun with some color. Plus, those fuzzy baby hairs further enhance the relaxed feel of the look.

11. Passion Twist With Water Wave Hair

One hair trend that is certainly going to get bigger is the water wave! The ultra-fine baby hair gives a dramatic twist to the hairstyle. Plus, they add a sense of delicacy and movement to the look. Make sure you slick down the baby hairs with gel to make deep waves.

12. Goddess Passion Twists

The longer the passion twists, the better! Embrace your inner Rapunzel with these Goddess passion twists. This hairstyle features tight twists near the roots that flow seamlessly into loose curls. The transition looks amazing and gives dramatic results. Further, the center parting helps create a more balanced and polished look.

13. Short Passion Twists


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If you are looking for a style that requires the least amount of styling then this is it! This short, voluminous, side-parted passion twist makes for the perfect everyday hairstyle. They look effortless and are low on maintenance. The very texture and the shape of the hair add to the style quotient and give this hairstyle just the right amount of dimension.

14. Jumbo Passion Twists

The chunky passion twists tied up at the crown in a ponytail give off serious cool-girl vibes. This hairstyle is a statement on its own. To get that slick-back look at the front, spritz some hair spray on a soft bristle brush to smooth over the untamed hairs and get that polished look.

15. Colored Passion Twists

Get playful by adding passion twists in teal-blue tones to your natural hair. It makes the hairstyle look vibrant and very edgy. Plus, the criss-cross pattern on the scalp and those super-subtle baby hairs add a cute detail to the hairstyle. Make sure you use a rat-tail comb to get an even and precise parting for this hairstyle.

16. Mini Passion Twists

The mini passion twist tied at the back with the help of a claw clip looks insanely chic! The hair looks secure and messed up at the same time. Plus, the side bangs uplift the hairdo. This hairstyle is easy. So, the next time you are getting late, do not stress too much.

17. Toffee Brown Passion Twists

These toffee-brown passion twists give off rocker vibes. The natural black hair creates an interesting contrast with the twists. Plus, the rough texture of these passion twists gives it a hippie feel. This get-up-and-go style looks undeniably edgy and also fairly low-maintenance.

18. Red Passion Twists


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To take your look to the next level, go for red passion twists. This is a sure way to command attention wherever you go. The red-colored tresses combined with natural hair make for an eye-catching and edgy combination. You can apply a light oil to add some shine and definition to those twists.

19. Passion Twists With Curly Ends


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The soft curls on the edges help soften the look. Combine this with jet-black hair and it will look great on those with cool undertones as well. Plus, those whispers of baby hair add a delicate touch to the hairstyle.

20. Braided Passion Twists


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Braids have an unmistakably nostalgic feel. The soft brown and black tones on these intricately twisted hair look lovely! Further, the highlights give a soft golden glow to the hairdo. To achieve this polished look, apply a bit of oil on damp tresses before braiding them.

21. Black Passion Twists


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The side-parted black passion twists look funky yet edgy. The swooped edges on the forehead further heighten the drama. To achieve this look, divide the hair into sections and gently lift them before you begin twisting. This will help create a more lifted and fuller look.

22. Passion Twists With A Top Knot


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We are crushing on this look! The brown and black passion twists offer a nice visual contrast. You can add a voluminous top bun to keep your hair out of your face. Rock this fancy look when your social calendar is buzzing with events. Not to forget, those wispy edges on the forehead add some dimension to the look.

23. Medium Passion Twists

This hairdo is perfect for second-day hair. The center-parted hairstyle starts with twisted and tighter hair at the roots and eventually flows into a looser protective style. To achieve that perfect center-parting, align the rat comb to the center of your forehead and take the bridge of the nose as a guide to draw the parting.

24. Passion Twists With A Ponytail

What’s not to love: face-framing twists, a criss-cross pattern, and a high ponytail. This laid-back look is sure to draw attention. The black and brown ombre effect further emphasizes the details and lends a cool vibe.

25. Center-Parted Passion Twists

Passion braids are a great way to add personality to any hairstyle! The center-parting gives a balanced look. Plus, this hairstyle is perfect for those who want to add a bit of flair to their everyday look without making major changes!

26. Micro Passion Twists


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Micro passion twists have been a popular hairstyle for many women due to their ease of styling. They are especially great for those with short hair who cannot put them in a bun or ponytail. Pin the small curls underneath the front hair with bobby pins to keep them in place.

27. Dip-Dyed Passion Twist

If you want to experiment with your hair without major commitment, then this dip-dye passion twist hairstyle is just for you! We love how the black-brown color slowly transitions into a caramel-golden color at the bottom. Plus, this hairstyle is low maintenance, making this an easy and interesting hairstyle to experiment with.

28. Long Passion Twists


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There is nothing ordinary about this hairstyle as the center-parted passion twists provide a gorgeous spiral-like effect. It is a great hairstyle for those with thick and coarse hair. Plus, It adds a cool spin to traditional passion twists, giving them a playful yet edgy look.

29.  Passion Twists With Bangs

Strike a bold look by experimenting with passion twist bangs, taking your regular passions twists up a notch. If you have curly hair, your bangs can shrink and spring up after they are dry. So, ensure your bangs are cut in the right way.

30. Half-Up Half-Down Passion Twists


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This is one of the most versatile looks that is suitable for all occasions, making them a fan-favorite over the years. You can spice up the look by going for long face-framing passion twists. This makes them ideal for individuals with wider foreheads as they help take the attention away from them.

31.  Sun-Kissed Passion Twists


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Sun-kissed locks make an instant statement! The caramel and hazelnut hues add a subtle and soft touch to the deep base. This top knot hairstyle with a few passion twists looks unabashedly cool, playful, and fuss-free.

32.  Twisted Top Knot Passion Twists

An easy way to style your passion twists is by going for this twisted top knot that has an effortless appeal. The criss-cross detailing and face-framing twists add an extra element of texture and detail to the hairstyle.

33. Passion Twists With Space Buns

This hairstyle makes for a show-stopping look! The warm caramel tones on deep black hair help brighten up the face and add a bit of depth to the hairstyle. The space buns add a touch of playfulness and edge to the look. Also, the extra-fine swoops help create a subtle impact.

34. Passion Twists With A Bandana


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When in doubt, just add a bandana! This easy-to-achieve hairstyle not only helps keep your hair out of your face but also gives you a much-needed break from everyday styling. It requires minimal effort and makes for the perfect go-to look when running out of time.

35. Dual-Toned Passion Twists

The dual-toned, side-swept passion twists help kick the style up a notch! The burgundy tone adds richness to already-dark hair. Plus, those wavy squiggles on the head further help amplify the look.

36. Bold Red Passion Twists

Bold and fiery, this hairstyle is a cool combination of braids and passion twists. The rich red tone adds a radiant warmth, while the hair gathered at the top gives some height and dimension to the hairstyle.

37. Sleek Passion Twists


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These sleek passion twists look sophisticated, making them the chicest hair looks of all time. Leave the top portion untouched and start twisting the hair a bit away from the roots. To complete this neat look, make sure you brush your edges and use a soft bristle brush to smoothen the flyways.

protip_icon Pro Tip
You can blow dry your twists for a fluffy and voluminous look.

38. Pink Passion Twists

Pretty pink passion twists are an instant winner! It oozes serious girly vibes and adds a sense of vibrancy to the hair. Plus, the rough tresses help give that ‘undone look’. Combined with natural black hair, this hairstyle is edgy.

39. Vibrant Blue-Purple Passion Twists

The messy, high top-knot is an innovative way to wear passion twists. This shoulder-grazing hairstyle with crisscross detailing and a pop of bright blue-purple adds to its appeal.

40.  Passion Twist With A Big Bun

Can it get any better? Certainly not! This voluminous passion twist updo has our hearts! This hairstyle will work well on hair for three-day old hair. Use your finger to rake your hair upwards, twist, and pin the hair into a bun. Gently, pull out the face-framing passion twists in front to complete this gorgeous look.

Passion twists are having a major movement in the beauty world. They let you get that bump-free finish without actually putting in long hours of work. From top knot passion twists to jumbo and shoulder-length passion twists, the options are endless. Remember, these hairstyles can help you look put together in seconds with very little effort from your end. What are you waiting for? Get started now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best hair for passion twists?

Afro and curly hair types go well with passion twists because they closely mimic the natural hair texture and can be seamlessly incorporated into the hairstyle.

What is the difference between passion twists and Senegalese twists?

Passion twists commonly have a looser, springy curl pattern than Senegalese twists that have tighter curls.

Which is better: spring twists or passion twists?

Spring twists and passion twists are both natural hair extensions. However, spring twists are more lightweight than passion twists and put less strain and tension on the scalp when compared to the latter.

How do you sleep with passion twists?

You can cover your passion twists with a silk scarf or a bonnet to prevent the hair strands from rubbing against the pillowcase. This can help minimize breakage, frizz, and moisture loss.

Which is better: passion twists or box braids?

Passion twists and box braids are both popular protective hairstyles. However, passion twists are quicker to install and are more lightweight and easier to maintain than box braids.

Key Takeaways

  • Passion twists hairstyles are quick, trendy, and easy, making the process of creating protective hairstyles a bit easier.
  • These twists are lightweight as they reduce strain and tension on the scalp.
  • You can experiment with hairstyles such as bold red passion twists to simple black passion twists.

Passion twists may seem challenging at first. But don’t worry. With a little practice and the right technique, you can ace this hairstyle in no time. Watch this video to know more.

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